Broken Banggood Digital Readout Display

Broken Digital Readout Display

21-12-2018  – My e-mail to banggood – A few hours ago I received my order on 11-11-2018 – Order Number: 57042538 Primary Order – Sub Order Number: 57396916 – 2/3 Axis Grating CNC Milling Digital Readout Display / 50-1000mm Electronic Linear Scale Lathe Tool – JCS900- 2AE (3 axis in my case), opened the package this was presented as the attached photos. In practice all the plastic screws attachments were broken and even the corners are broken. It is not possible in any way to close the display box, all screw locking points are broken. I think you can understand that it is not possible to mount this display in an industrial machine. It’s already the second time I get a broken item. The other time (a 53 euro power supply) you offered me a small refund and I forcibly accepted. This time I absolutely want you to replace with a new display (intact). I spent another 180 euros for the “TTL linear scales” of the Primary Order. They are totally useless without the display. I am a good Banggood customer for years and I would like you to be good suppliers. I am sure that the object has left intact from the factory, but it can not be blamed on me if you use transporters who are not up to their task.
The electrical part does not seem to have damage.
I enclose photos that demonstrate the conditions as the display arrived.


See above Accelerated video of damage

The package had no external signs of damage

Not even the plastic bag was saved

Various pictures of damages

22-12-2018 reply from Banggood

Dear Eolo,
Thank you for your email and order 57396916.
We truly understand how frustrated you are and feel terribly sorry for all the inconvenience caused.
First of all, could you please send us some photos and a video to show some details of the issue. Requirements are listed as follows.
1.In the photos, we could clearly see product’s shipping label and SKU bar code, which stick on the package of the parcel and the product protecting bag
2.If the product due to the damage could not work, could you please send us a video to show the problem?
The reason why we need them is that after checking, we could effectively confirm the problem and find out the root cause. Furthermore, we will keep them as evidences and provide them to the supplier.
About this procedure, we have written down in Banggood warranty policy, you could refer to here:

Thank you for your cooperation in advance. We will keep waiting for your reply.
Best regards,

In the meantime, i buy a suitable glue

and repair the damage as best as possible:



24-12-2018 – Another e-mail from Banggood

Dear Eolo,
Thank you for your email and order 57396916.
Would you please try to use the item first  to check if the item still could be used?
We look forward to receiving your reply.
Best regards,

03/01/2019 – My Reply
The product is electrically functioning, but the box is unusable. I believe I can partially repair the damage with epoxy glue. Returning the damaged display for replacement to you is unrealistic, as I would have to spend a lot of money on transport and wait 3 months to get it back.
A solution could also be to send me the front side of the dro display, or you will acknowledge a generous partial refund for the damage.
I believe I am a good and correct customer of Banggood and I hope that Banggood is also fair to me.
Regarding the problem, I remind you that all the information you requested (photo, video and description) are on the page:
I await your solution to the problem.
Best regards,
Eolo Farroni
04-1-2019 – reply from Banggood 
Dear Eolo,
Thank you for your email regarding order 57396916.
We deeply apologize for what happened with the item 1340326 and thank you very much for your feedback on this matter.
In this case, to resolve this issue, would you accept to receive a refund 40 € as a token of our apologies?
For any other idea, please let us know. We will do our best to find the best possible solution for you.
We hope for your understanding on this matter and look forward to receiving your reply.
Best regards,
04-01-2019 My Reply (THE END)
Ok, i accept the 40 € refund
Best regards,


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